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Thank you for stopping by to visit my website.  In the art of photography, it seems as though we are in era in which supply and demand are at an imbalance.  There are just so many Photographers to choose from, it is as though anyone with a camera thinks they have what it takes.  How do you know which Photographer is the best for you? 

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 In my opinion, you should know in a "FLASH!"  You simply must feel comfortable with your photographer.  Your photographer should be someone you can accept professionally and personally.  Of course, the work must speak for itself.  It should go without saying that you need to be happy with the photographer's portfolio and bodies of work.  However, you need to go beyond that.  If he or she is not approachable, open to ideas, and upfront with you, how is that photographer going to know your needs, anticipate your best shots, and fit in with your group to snap candid moments?  The goal is to find a photographer that best fits your personality to ensure that your photographs will maintain your essence.  I hope to use my website as a tool for you to see and learn about not only my professional work, but my personality and style as well.  Enjoy my site, get to know me, and when you are ready to know more just give me a call or send an Email.  I look forward to meeting you!
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Photography by Larry Miskowiec* 763-784-9767
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